What is Circular Economy?

A circular economy is designed to offer an alternative to a traditional, linear model that typically follows a three-stage process: make, use, dispose. Circular economies focus on reusing and recycling resources, therefore keeping parts, products, equipment and infrastructure in use for longer.

Meet The Uduara Solution


Uduara solution is modular and can adapt to your size of institution. We trust that both small and large organizations will be able to deliver what they need in terms of CE & GG.




Ease of use for end users

No need for special classes,instruction or training.

Plan circular economy events

Regular or one-off,paid or free - it's all beautifully simple.

Recycling of Software

The solution can be reused again and again

Work with small groups

Help small businesses find Circular Economy avenues.

Manage your users

Teams and rotas with unavailability and swaps!

Manage your goals

Track and manage targets with ease.

What they said about Uduara

Our clients were very pleased with Uduara solution in their first six months' experience and this is what they had to say about it:

Some of the Solution Real Facts.

Uduara solution brings together data from stakeholders, counties,policy makers and human-derived activities to provide a normalized, real-time view of performance.







Some Local Circular Economy Projects

There are many local examples of Circular Economy frameworks.